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Beginner's Crochet Class

Beginner's Crochet Class

Saturday 22 June
Argyle Street - 10am - 3 Hours
Emily Hotchkiss
Step into the world of crochet and master the timeless art of yarn crafting with our beginner-friendly workshop tailored for newcomers and returnees alike. Whether your hands are yet to be acquainted with the delicate dance of the hook and yarn, or they yearn to rekindle a once-familiar touch, our class offers the perfect re-introduction.

Embark on your crochet journey with the guidance of expert hands keen to show you the ropes, starting from the very basics of yarn handling techniques. Progress seamlessly into the intricate weave of stitches that construct the classic and beloved granny square.

We provide all the crochet materials needed to start your creation, allowing you to focus on developing your skills in a relaxed and supportive environment. To further enhance your experience, savor the complimentary comfort of a warm tea or coffee while you stitch. Let the soothing clicks of hooks intertwine with gentle conversation as you discover or rediscover the joy of crochet. Join us and transform a simple skein of yarn into a tapestry of possibility.
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Beginner's Crochet Class

Beginner's Crochet Class

Saturday 06 July
Merchant City - 10am - 3 Hours
Charleigh Flynn
If you are brand new to crochet, haven't picked up a hook in years, or simply want a little more guidance on those all important basic stitches this is the class for you. We will start with techniques for holding the yarn before moving onto forming the stitches that make up a traditional granny square.

Crochet materials are included as well as a free tea or coffee.
Learn crochet and make new friends. The Glasgow Crochet Club organises crochet classes run by Professional Crochet Instructors for beginners, all the way up to experienced crocheters.

  • Beginners Class This class is designed for those who have had little to no experience with a crochet hook. You will learn the crochet basics and terminology and we'll get you started on your very own granny square.

  • Other Classes Perfect for those who've already done our popular Beginners Class!
    Choose from:
    - Corner to Corner Class (C2C)
    - Crochet Stitches Class
    - Amigurumi 101 Class

    All our classes include crochet materials and instruction as well as a non-alcoholic drink during the class.

    Everyone with an interest in crochet (whether you have been to an event or not) are also welcome to join our Facebook Group where you can share your crochet projects, find inspiration, make friends, and also just have a good yarn.
    Excellent crochet lesson, I?m a complete beginner & came away with knowledge of a few stitches & feel like crochet is not as daunting as I?d imagined.

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